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Music Industry Hacks is a Buzzsonic Digital project and is a curated directory of music industry resources and tools aimed at DIY recording artists and bands, indie record labels and artist managers & marketers.

The roots of the directory go way back to 2005 when the 99th Floor Elevators (aka this sites editor, Adrian Fusiarski) ran a dance music directory on a primitive PHP script, the ongoing dominance of Google search kind of did away  for the need for a directory which needed to be updated and maintained.

The 99th Floor Elevators Links Directory circa 2005

I found myself sharing a ton of music industry resources and links on Twitter and saving the more visual ones, infographics and the like on the Buzzsonic Pinterest music industry board, the ‘problem’ with this sharing method was that useful links and resources were quickly buried in the hyper-active social streams.

So, I decided to revive the music industry directory from way back when (directories themselves having their roots in the open source DMOZ) to better organise (and find) useful and essential links for the music industry and music tech.

The site is a constant work in progress and you can feel free to submit resources and site suggestions on the Contact page or using the Submit link.

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